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Budget Travel

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Holiday Gift Guide // November/December issue // PDF

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GO Magazine (some published work)

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The New York Times, Local East Village
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Shecky’s Nightlife
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The Lost Girls
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Weekly Dig
Weekly Diss: Laura Rider’s Masterpiece // Link

My Secret Boston Website
Multiple Clips // Link

Time Out Sydney
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Florence Broadhurst // Lex Linney Queeer Cinema // Hot Weekends Away // ACON Ins and Outs // Caterina Ligato // TV eye

The Boston Globe
Hangover Cures From Around the World // Link
Americans Abroad // Link

The Daily Free Press
Ask me for clips of the following:
Islamic studies flourishing after year of building // Nationally ranked MATCH a step toward college //
In stroke of genius, CAS adds Einstein’s bagels // Living abroad in constant security // Female journalists made strides in war, prof. says // Officials say StuVi 2 construction won’t affect students // Feminist writer speaks to scope of modern slavery // BU gallery exhibit focuses on artists’ view of U.S. culture //